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Literally Just Mining A Very Long Tunnel

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Making a Long tunnel to connect my base to my end portal, via the overworld instead of the nether Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/toycat
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Charllie, B05 (18 days ago)
Why do you even do these crazy challenges? I mean your good at them but still tho
Frostdraken 5 (19 days ago)
You should build a rocket ship
I’m a viewer lol (19 days ago)
You sound Swedish...
AutyMama (20 days ago)
I bought metal straws, just clean and reuse
AutyMama (20 days ago)
Scottish and cant stand irn Bru 😅
McDaniel Mc gragger (20 days ago)
You're evil don't waste plastic
Triforce Gaming64 (21 days ago)
Mumbo jumbo: does creative mode for redstone Grian: does creative mode for building Ibxtoycat: does survival mode to mine a really long tunnel
JERAF MAN (21 days ago)
Your a disappointment
QUICKKILLER50 (21 days ago)
found a cool person. the person? toycat toy cat is yes
Li Skyfox (21 days ago)
What the heck is with the straw thing?
A Penny (21 days ago)
Mart Hint (21 days ago)
the shulker box down texture looks soo good :)
Mart Hint (21 days ago)
Janis Rush Un (22 days ago)
A little bit late to the party, but the chest should have the Toykat texture since she keeps my heart beating
Hoops Daily (22 days ago)
1:02:10 “ahhh”
TwistedBliss58 (22 days ago)
Boil a pan full of straws to make a huge colorful straw
miwa (22 days ago)
just because straws arent a big game changer doesnt mean they wont stay in our oceans for thousands of years 🤷‍♀️
SuperMatCat24 (22 days ago)
The Survival Dude 723 (22 days ago)
78th comment yay
Gary Hyry (22 days ago)
Sooooo, why not build some sort of xp farm. I could see a guardian farm construction stream being enjoyable for people to watch and you do like yourself a big project...it’s just, after all you’ve done in this world it almost hurts watching you kill cows trying to get to lvl 30 😂
Jaxon Brooks (23 days ago)
8:08 Well heck...
Kiana Duncan (23 days ago)
y'know, I just CANT get over the fact that toycat himself, said my name!!!!
Wasser (23 days ago)
So its Ur moms ass? Hahaha im so Funny hahaha
Oskar Ricanek (23 days ago)
You are the mr beast of minecraft
my gamerfares :3 (23 days ago)
Stickman Gaming (23 days ago)
the only use for gravel i have is filling lava pools...
I like old games (23 days ago)
I can skip anywhere in the stream and I can get a new topic
CaptainJay B (23 days ago)
“Who doesn’t want to be killed in their sleep sometimes” -Toycat 2019
Andrewik (23 days ago)
Nobody can multitask. All humans are capable of perceived multi-tasking when an action turns into a habit or you're able to do something automatically. For example you might be able to drive a car in a familiar neighborhood and still be able to make fairly complex calculations because you memorized basic actions and don't have to think about turning the steering wheel, changing gears, pushing pedals.
Homie Squid XZ (23 days ago)
When you missed a live stream U just never watch a five stream again
Arwin walsweer (23 days ago)
i have a tunnel of 7000 blocks, but thats on a server with /home
John (23 days ago)
comparing the creation of the iphone to the nazis and the american revolution is not what i expected in a minecraft mining video
PBM _1_2 Savage (23 days ago)
Place all the block you can craft
Jasper Klee (23 days ago)
is honey vegan
Sirdesqwee (23 days ago)
You play minecraft java right you would fit to hermit craft😂
Diyn (23 days ago)
He's talked about this alotta times apparently they don't think he'd fit or something
Yuri Salina (23 days ago)
Hi toycat love your videos. I been watching your old vids and wondered if you still have Steve the Lama?
omegafalcon (24 days ago)
What is your longest tunnel you have mined? I have two 2500 block long tunnels in the nether on the community realm.
*i like turtles* 🐬
HeartLiz (24 days ago)
seed E.G.G.M.A.N. is absolutely awful with like 1 tree for 1,000 blocks but has about a million shipwrecks and water temples as well as a surface mine and spawner in the mesa biome that takes ten years to get to lol
HeartLiz (23 days ago)
@Sapphire Rose i am the egg man! thats what i am!
Sapphire Rose (23 days ago)
Brandon Landrum (24 days ago)
You tackle in American football 🏈
Wither (24 days ago)
My first live stream I didn’t miss and my internet was so bad half my messages didn’t come through. *Press [F] to pay respects*
Wither (22 days ago)
Xzatic 🤔
Wither (22 days ago)
assgore no I made it myself with help from a friend
assgore (23 days ago)
F (is that a modded terraria weapon in your profile picture?)
Xzatic (24 days ago)
CAP killer (24 days ago)
F boi
Darci Haynes (24 days ago)
like for big chungus
Jo Sho (24 days ago)
Long vid good
Mj Smooth10 (24 days ago)
mInInG aWay i gone straight to the comments just to say that
Maksym Olshanskyy (24 days ago)
this is great!
A Male (24 days ago)
6:33 crude oil is over 99% plant matter because almost all dinosaur remains are either eaten by microbes or fossilized most vegans don’t believe in the unnecessary killing of animals in industrial farms which cause a lot of pollution and dinosaurs died naturally on their own accord
09 llamagirl (24 days ago)
J.B Productions (24 days ago)
I love your commentary
pretty_ str4nge (24 days ago)
Kolbie Smith (24 days ago)
Wow, such interesting, you are really amazing me lately
John Ox (24 days ago)
I’m keen to see the new and improved Toykat texture pack
CAT-CAT Dovahkiin (23 days ago)
Gordon Osborne (24 days ago)
The purpur blocks
Paul Sevart (24 days ago)
You just copied my friend hes digging a circle all the way down to bedrock
BagelsGamingOnline (24 days ago)
Hey Toycat, can YOU be Minecraft in a default superflat world plus a bonus chest?
assgore (23 days ago)
@Wither what if we provide him an end portal?
BagelsGamingOnline (24 days ago)
Knightmares (24 days ago)
Wither F
Wither (24 days ago)
BagelsGamingOnline I’m going to assume you meant beat, and no. He can’t. Where will he find an end portal? *bedrock doesn’t have custom superflats.*
Ripo Zipo (24 days ago)
i also dislike uncommon spellings of common names. Drives me crazy. I thought i was the only one.
Erange (24 days ago)
Oof, I missed it.
clash with yazan (24 days ago)
stoophanie (24 days ago)
hah remember me
Knightmares (24 days ago)
na mate
Bone (24 days ago)
Literally just a comment
literally a reply to a literal like to a literal reply to a literal comment
Literally just a Like..
Sapphire Rose (23 days ago)
Literally just a reply
BennyBoi638 (24 days ago)
Haha so funny
Knightmares (24 days ago)
Wow! That is so interesting!
Person Guy (24 days ago)
Yo do a stream and just empty a world straight to bedrock, survival or adventure mode. Anything else is ok.
Harry Coleman (23 days ago)
@Person Guy in java adventure mode you can't mine
Person Guy (23 days ago)
Harry Coleman what’s that got to do with anything
Harry Coleman (23 days ago)
@Person Guy I play java jeez
Person Guy (23 days ago)
Harry Coleman tf? Adventure mode means you need to use the correct tool for the job. U mine with a pickaxe.
Person Guy (23 days ago)
LUCAS BLZ obviously
Dank Memer (24 days ago)
You are very petty😂
The Game Bot (24 days ago)
6h comment
Papa Canada (24 days ago)
Love the podcast type videos keep it up
Dr Bright (24 days ago)
6th comment
Uzair Sharif (24 days ago)
Dream TeamYT (24 days ago)
4th comment
pondhs (24 days ago)
Also first comment I guess
Samuel Max (23 days ago)
@Xzatic oof sixty-ninth
Xzatic (24 days ago)
Oof third
Finn HAGEN (24 days ago)
oof second
pondhs (24 days ago)
666th like

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