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Golden Gamble. Gold mining in the Philippines, a dirty business

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More films about the Philippines: https://rtd.rt.com/tags/philippines/ - The use of child labour in the Philippine’s Paracale, or ‘Goldtown’, is widespread - Extracting gold involves diving into mud-filled shafts and using toxic mercury - Poverty and lack of alternative jobs force people into this highly dangerous work - Many die young due to work accidents or breathing problems, others develop chronic illness The Philippines’ town of Paracale was dubbed “Goldtown” for its rich deposits of the precious metal. Despite government attempts to regulate mining, illegal pits are still commonplace. They lack even the most basic health and safety and workers are exposed to toxic mercury fumes. Dirty water causes skin diseases and they live with the constant threat of being buried alive. Workers continue to take these risks day after day, because there is no other source of income. Many of the gold miners are children whose families can’t afford to send them to school. Some gold is panned on the surface, but a lot has to be extracted from underground. To do that, prospectors dive into narrow, mud-filled shafts, uses snorkelling masks and long tubes too breathe. If the mine collapses, they have no chance of escape. They have a saying here, ‘while you’re down the mine, you have one foot in the grave’. Several miners have already died that way, others from respiratory diseases caused by inhaling mercury fumes. The toxic metal is used in gold extraction with no safety precautions, so it poisons the air, the ground and the water, causing long-term harm to the whole community. Another danger to the inhabitants of Paracale comes from disused mines, abandoned and left open, waiting for unsuspecting victims to fall in. The business takes its toll on workers, their families and the community. They have been known to demonstrate, demanding safer working conditions, better pay and other job opportunities, but change is slow. Meanwhile, extreme poverty among people who produce one of the world’s most precious metals leaves them no option but to continue with this pitiless occupation. SUBSCRIBE TO RTD Channel to get documentaries firsthand! http://bit.ly/1MgFbVy FOLLOW US RTD WEBSITE: https://RTD.rt.com/ RTD ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/RT_DOC RTD ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/RTDocumentary RTD ON DAILYMOTION http://www.dailymotion.com/rt_doc RTD ON INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/rtd_documentary_channel/ RTD LIVE https://rtd.rt.com/on-air/
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Text Comments (459)
eugene ninada (19 hours ago)
The subtitle is not accurate.
Missis Miggins (23 days ago)
Religion must play a large part in how a culture turns out. It must have something to do with the Roman Catholic Church that has made the Flipinos some of the most repulsive, repugnant, devious untrustworthy peoples in the whole of Asia.
Lucius Tan (1 month ago)
long tubes to*, not long tubes too
Vitalii Gvozdetkyi (2 months ago)
Hello. It's amazing. I'm planning to go to this district in the Philippines. I would like to ask to you about contacts of person with whom you contacted in Paracale and who made arrangements for video shooting for you. I'm looking for that person and cannot find. If it's possible to share or send in private message the contact number that person who helped you I'll send you many thanks. Thank you in advande.
eljohn masada (2 months ago)
can I ask a question :there is such a law in the Philippine for Elegal mining .why police arrested them??
Jack Watcher (3 months ago)
This is so sad Alexa, play Despacito
xTahimik (3 months ago)
The boys story is just sad
βaη ეႬტႮ (4 months ago)
Laftrip nmn si kua"ISALIN N DAW BKA HINGIN PA"
BassForever44 (4 months ago)
Next time your son/nephew/grandson/etc whines about some insignificant problem (most likely you not buying them some stupid shit marketed on tv or internet), show them this documentary. Hats off to RT for this documentary.
Agriculture For Change (5 months ago)
We need Federal Parliamentary form of Government even the elite Oligarphs/bussinesman and West hate us to become greatest Again !!
Agriculture For Change (5 months ago)
Philippine is Ophir that's why King Solomon mine gold in the Philippines even stronger wood for Jerusalem temple to build
Alpha Alfonso (6 months ago)
If anyone is more concern with/to Mining;I am calling their Attention to Please Help Me with the REALITY of Making a Factual Laws which will Protect the Rights of the Youth,Small Scale-Surface Miners,Less Fortunate,Lesser Educational Attainment and to those who have "NO CAPITAL" at all than THEMSELVES!To make a REAL LAW which HELP these/those People Mentioned;as for their Benefits,Income Potential/Protection,Family Welfare,Steps and Procedure in Safety Mining,Taxation-as to Voluntary and Necessity/Required/Prescribed by Law,Shelter for Work Area/s,Tools and Equipment/s,Facilities for Making//Cooking,Technical Assistance/Professional Help/Services,Standardization for Selling/SALES & MARKETING-Raw Materials/ORE-Processed,etc. These will HELP ME and YOU to Prosper along the WAY!And making the Whole World be MORE HELP FOR/TO EACH OTHER!
VORTEX ICAROS (6 months ago)
Keep up do documentary like this.. thumbs up!
Omega Beta (8 months ago)
Switching sandals on the way to work.. now that makes a grown man cry.. I don't have a bestfriend like that.
Robert Shrewsbury (9 months ago)
I am a professional at detecting precious metals deep underground and I think it may be interesting and fruitful to work in the Philippines, but I must say from a quarter of a century of experience in this detection field that it is far easier to find values then it is to get one's fair share successfully in any Country. Most people are not smart enough to preserve and respect the "golden goose that lays the golden eggs" so to speak, because their greed circumvents their intelligence and they are self bestowed limited from greater expansion. Robert [email protected]
Manuel F (9 months ago)
Arte magsalita ni ate field producer. Umi-slang pa. OA ha.
Mridul (10 months ago)
I don't know why it doesn't occur to people to simply grow food in the soil around their houses , everyone earns to feed themselves, if they have a self sustaining food source their lives would certainly get better ... growing food is always an option isn't it ?
Keanu James (10 months ago)
free education is the key to solve this problem
mylenewicked (10 months ago)
Thos 2 kids who share 1 pair of slippers and walk 4 hours to work just breaks my heart. Is there any possible way that i can contact them directly?
PH EVENT (11 months ago)
stop this kind of a job.right here https://getcryptotab.net/1179883
Dark Soul (11 months ago)
WTF!!! What world is that? What life is this?...
NOOB GAMER (1 year ago)
Need to fix the subtitle
Super Santi (1 year ago)
bhunep neppoho (1 year ago)
6:40 to 7:40 that kid make me in tears...god bless him
cris Lou (1 year ago)
I saw this previous comment are one yr ago. So, are they previous aquino administration?
cris Lou (1 year ago)
Pls, close the small and large mining. Give precaution budget to find a job. What happen to goverment? Suffer and cronic deaseas is thier facing on mining. Goverment should take a step how thier situation in this debris situation. Sad guys
cris Lou (1 year ago)
Close the mining even small or large scale of mining and give precaution in every life on came from gamble job. Stop the mining and replace the job with preferable budget for every captivated filipino came from debris. Poeple's right, goverment jobs affair. What happened to goverment?
Teodulfo jr angeles (1 year ago)
Bat nlng gumawa ng aksyon goverment dyan. Kawawa mga tao at bata.
K Gamer (1 year ago)
I cried after watching this... I've been visiting PARACALE yearly for vacation... mdming magandang lugar na pwd putahan jan.. sana magfocus ung government nla s tourism... kesa sa buhis buhay n pagmimina... 😥😖😭
julito fatima (1 year ago)
fuckers politician dont care only themself
Sanees Lamar (1 year ago)
Job is job Job has no culture ,religious
InsiNew (1 year ago)
Thank for the video its really hurt went we think about there work. From India🇮🇳
Orthodox_Warrior (1 year ago)
Can we help Harold? Please! Poor boy! I feel him my father died when I was 4, and my mother left me in Orphanage when I was 5yo. Poor guy
Bikky Chettri (1 year ago)
It was touching. I cried with the little boy. That feeling of intense desolation.
adolf gigantoca (1 year ago)
Some of the translations are not correct
Echo1Delta (1 year ago)
There's a saying that if you can find oil in Saudi Arabia just by digging the sand, here in the Philippines, you can find gold just by digging anywhere
Dejan Medakovic (1 year ago)
19:30 - 20:10 Sounds believable. So what she is saying is that she wants the gold miners to continue working under the exact same conditions except the buyer will be the goverment and not privately owned businesses, and that the government will give the gold miners better prices (believable!) and that the money earned from the bought gold will go back into supporting the community (totally believable!). Even a half-braindead person can see that what the government REALLY wants is to monopolize gold mining in the country to benefit only those at the top, while the rest keeps drowning and breathing in mercury.
Tae Vancity (1 year ago)
Yes simple as that. No money no eat. So much respect from Thailand and Canada
yoshi lorak (1 year ago)
Those are some big ass nuggets. Get rich boys.
Renver Vera (1 year ago)
maling paparaan na pag giginto ako miner din ako
Many Bayabos (1 year ago)
I did this job 38 years ago (I was just 7 YO that period) It’s really tough to live such kind of environment in fact I almost died, and After a year working there in Surigao mining I left for my education. Tell today I never forget those days.
Jhonebert Gamalo (1 year ago)
now if the government stop the minings then they must need to find a job for the filipinos who are working there!.
qBMOp (1 year ago)
All this so trump can have a grey hound worth of gold in his air plane.......so humble
Victor Tun (1 year ago)
it is always the breathing problems divers have in south east asia. u see how they put the un filtered air into the mouth? the compressor itself leaks compressor oil and the oil in the air causes breathing difficulties. pls use the filters (at least 3 in series) and food grade compressor oil people.
Panda Family (1 year ago)
The effect you put on your intro is very unpleasant to the eyes, rotation+blur 1:04
Juan Mariana (1 year ago)
This Video just wants to make me buy more gold.... one of the reasons why its real money, there's not alot of it in the world and The mining process is life or death situation... that alone gives it extra ordinary value....pfttt forget about the bitcoin.. or crypto b.s.. gold is the real deal..
Sean Isidro (1 year ago)
an eye opener. Made me cry.
Pew pew pew Gaming (1 year ago)
If I have a lot of money in this worlds damn .. I help those in need some people now a days to shity rich .. Instead of helping using a video to get rated.. Asame work.
m s (1 year ago)
People want job about poverty ....Who give job....?
Rodel Delos Santos (1 year ago)
Kung bibigyan nyu sila ng maayos na trabaho hndi sila kailangan mag mina
mico cruz (1 year ago)
ang sakit ng iyak ni denmark..god be with you.🙏🏼
Hazaki Nato (1 year ago)
Thats where the vice president of the Philippines comes from. what is she doing there? pictorial? lmao.
Cer. nhyl (1 year ago)
Dirty hands, clean money
david do (1 year ago)
they should get the reporter to go down there
truly Indian (1 year ago)
Damn... i really feel that kid. That got me tears bruh
ZERO to Hero (1 year ago)
The whole time i was wondering - then from where all the toxic players gets the money to spend on internet caffe's.
Christian Delgado (1 year ago)
You could say the government should do this, should do that but reality is these people only want a job and theres very little to almost no innovation which doesn't create jobs and creates poverty, overall there is no investment in this country. I come from a very poor country and moved to the US and you can clearly see how everything is different here. So sad for my Filipino brothers but they choose to do this, being fearless is their only tool in that one thing they do.
Dun Pamy (1 year ago)
May God almighty giv them good health..........soo heart touching....it mke me cry....
rucussing (1 year ago)
They should get at least $15.00 an hour, a livable wage! Where are the liberals at? Oh, just buying the gold chains and necklaces from this cheap labor!
Ejoy Bangaoil (1 year ago)
The last two boys going to work and everyone. I pray I'm rich to help out. Prayers as of now is what I can give. Lord have mercy.
tang ina nyo anglikot ng camera nyo walang kwentang show
Puruan Langit (1 year ago)
They have a lot of natural resources...
Jerry James (1 year ago)
Aaron Madsen (1 year ago)
In my experience with Filipino doctors (my wife is Filipina) almost all of them are nearly clueless in what they are doing. I'm very doubtful that the guy in the video was given the right medication or diagnosed properly.
A J M. R (1 year ago)
😭😭😭Nakakaawa yung bata...
A J M. R (1 year ago)
Nakakalungkot kasi marami satin sa pilipinas nagrereklamo sa Hirap ng buhay nila pero di natin alam may mas mahirap pa satin pero malalakas ang loob pasukin ang mahirap na trabaho pra lang kumita at mabuhay😭😭😭haisttt...
tamazight kb (1 year ago)
I thought the guy in the thumbnail was native American
Leo Löppönen (1 year ago)
Amy (1 year ago)
Dear Mr. President Duterte, please give them jobs to survive.
Cristian Tomaquin (1 year ago)
Freakin sheetty government can’t even provide a proper job all corrupt
Lu Cer (1 year ago)
Only for YouTubers who destroy gold iPhones
James Bond (1 year ago)
Mali yung katwiran eh kung mamatay eh mamatay.illegal nmn yan.
Altaf Sagar (1 year ago)
I am crying
Cassius SpaceTrain (1 year ago)
RT making some great documentaries
lppoqql (1 year ago)
I dont understand the Filipinos, white colonist have done nothing but harm to them yet they love them so much. While Chinese tries to invest in Philippines in infrastructure but they refuse and happy to work against fellow ASIANS who are willing to help. This is whats so fucked up about the Philippines, they cant reject their white masters and work with fellow Asians.
Jan Marvy Cose (9 months ago)
Divide and rule. We Filipinos have been brainwashed for a long time.
rarechange (1 year ago)
a little perspective goes a long way......
Eko Firdaus (1 year ago)
After watching some documentaries about Philippine, i think there are some problems about social gap
Matt McG (1 year ago)
I like how she skipped right over the "They sold my sister" and asked about how his dad died
Senior Kek (4 months ago)
It's probably too personal or they didnt want to talk about it.
Benji Hernandez (1 year ago)
whataboutredlorry (1 year ago)
I know.. WTF!?
john edrani filamor (1 year ago)
I feel so sad. I got tears
brocdoraza (1 year ago)
I thought Bitcoin Mining is more dangerous. Apparently there is more danger in mining.
bettanswe (1 year ago)
he he he
Ronnie Ray Avila (1 year ago)
Goldie Philly
Yujina Cafe (1 year ago)
Kawawa sila, kasi karampot lang kita nila, kung alam nyo lang kung gaano yan kamahal per gramo dito sa Japan, and per gram iba parin kung ilang K(carat ng gold) iyan nakukuha nila, siguradong 24K, kapag natunaw at nabuo limpak ang presyo nyan.
Yujina Cafe (1 year ago)
It’s must stop that’s too dangerous...pera versus buhay...tsk..tsk...dapat may mag finance ng tamang pagkuha na hindi ganyan.
Ynneb Benny (1 year ago)
They risk their lives just to have your gold rings and gold neclaces...
and as usual NOTHING WILL CHANGE! They need regular mining equipment To do the job right and safe !
Red Butterfly (1 year ago)
Kung alam lang ng mga pobreng nagmimina kung magkano ang binayad ngining corporation sa local government para ma aproaved yan. Sa madaling salita binenta kayo mahihirap sa mining corporation mga boblaks
Servant of Christ (1 year ago)
kung nagtanim.. may aanihin... bakit kailangan pang gawin yan kung pwede naman magtanim upang may kaka.inin. they choose to live like that.. sinisira nyo kalikasan nyan dahil sa paghukay sa lupa.. at naging malambot ang lupa sa ilalim... at mangyayari guguho ang lupa dyan o magkaroon ng earthquake. ganyan din nangyayari sa surigao... palaging may lindol dahil maring gold mining sa lugar. lumalabpt ang lupa... at nagkakaroon ng movement ang lupa sa ilalim.
Tamad kayo madili gusto nyo lahat pinoy talaga tamad
insane reply (1 year ago)
every where same problem Africa Bangladesh Brazil india and more
jhgjhgj hgjhgdj (1 month ago)
yea. They are all getting too much children they cant afford ...
Wangnao Bannyei K (1 year ago)
shocking to see such harsh life condition...why govt. are not aware of the people..they have no sense of humanity...it is so painful to see children working in a mine instead of sending to school..just spoiling the future of child😞😞
Philip Pantoja (1 year ago)
So when you guys do this documentary in countries and after interviewing with such questions about their life, do you donate anything to help the people out?
darkest studio (1 year ago)
the mayor near the end is just so corrupt.
jay cerv (1 year ago)
This is how sick and diluted the human species is, praying to God before every dive for protection, but not realizing that there is no God because why would you be in such a fucked up situation in life. Wake up.
Terrence Sora (1 year ago)
You want a perfect world? this is no fairy tale where everything is perfect. Read the bible first before you push that non sense childish argument, understand it first cause your thinking using your human brain.
Bat Vigilante (1 year ago)
Panget pakinggan ng english nung babae eh inaartehan pa ampota
Rema Rokhum (1 year ago)
Nando Sianturi (1 year ago)
5:40 Q: But why do this? do something else? A: it's easy money yep that sums it all up to be perfectly honest~
med tech (1 year ago)
Sana maantig lahat ng mayayaman jan
DAILY CHANNELTV (1 year ago)
that is the reason our lives, we live in many different places. if 1 to 2 year our lives in that places were leaving go in other places. and hoping there's different something happen good. so hard this kind of jobs. because i experienced this hard mining a gold. for cheap rice to buy. my comment need someone teach this people do not put all time for mining gold. maybe need to plant 1 to 2 hour vegetable. and offcoure learning something. to get more ideas so don;t stuck forever in that lifestyle.
JumpJiru (1 year ago)
God, they butchered the translations for the locals. They removed details which really took away from the importance of their words. Really bad localisation, Russia.
Duane Paloma (1 year ago)
tsk irresponsible mining

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