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gold mining in the Philippines

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This video is about gold mining in the Philippines
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antlou123 (1 day ago)
That kid who said he misses hes friends and school really got me.
Mexico Gold Rush (3 days ago)
Archnid 001 (10 days ago)
if you join china as an ally that gold price will be double because china needs gold to fight a toilet paper called the "dollar"
precila serna (12 days ago)
solofua ioapo (13 days ago)
Dangerous activities
foofoo blenda (15 days ago)
poor me bs stop whinning about being poor get to wrk and stop complaining in front of the world like a cry baby have some respect for your selves as men your a country of complainers
Archnid 001 (10 days ago)
@foofoo blenda retard they are children i bet you also rape children in south east asia.
Fleece Johnson (26 days ago)
Getting Jay-Z and Beyonce some new bling
Alejandro Pastera (1 month ago)
People are just good at giving positive or negative comments regarding the conditions the children from third world countries like the Philippines are experiencing, specially from the UN, They are the one responsible for the things that is happening in the countries of which children are forced to work in an inhospitable conditions. The question is WHY? HOW? One immediate solution to these PROBLEMS: PUT SOME MEASURES TO CONTROL THE PRICES OF THE PRIME COMMODITIES, like OIL. Because I believe, this IS the cause of all the miseries. THE RISING PRICE OF OIL IN THE WORLD MARKET. PUT SOME CONTROL TO HAVE IT LOWERED AND SEE THE EFFECT.
Work Account (1 month ago)
The land looks fertile and the ocean must have fish. What Chinese products are they risking their lives for? Are they doing this to pay for their iphone and HBO?
Work Account (1 month ago)
@Kent Robison climate looks good and wet... you saying all of rural is bad for crops and livestock? I wonder if they own the land? People get stuck in poverty, but when you live in a shack and and are starving there is open land elsewhere, why not pack up and move. simplified.. but Seems the gov needs incentives to get people working on food.
Kent Robison (1 month ago)
Food, I think. My fiancé is there. No help from the government. Dry season starts and they have no bananas to sell and the veges die.
celestino Barruga (1 month ago)
kunwari lng yan na nagaalala sila sa mga batang minero pero sa totoo lng ,,,,, tumutulo ang laway ng mga walanghiya at gahaman sa ginto.......
Keanu James (1 month ago)
Land of Ophir
kyle collins (1 month ago)
Get in that hole daddy needs a new watch
Anafe Corpuz (2 months ago)
I can speak 3 languaga even I am a filipino Ilokano English Tagalog
hookage hokage (10 days ago)
i can speak bisaya, waray , ilongo, bicol, tagalog ,english ,
super 555 (1 month ago)
I can also speak English, Tagalog,Visaya,ilongo and more😂
bobbert Jelly (3 months ago)
The best thing a government can do for its citizens is stay out of their lives.
Miss. Mema (3 months ago)
Oh My rich country. Blessed with all the minerals however why poor people stay poor and the richer become richer.?
mikey delan (3 months ago)
Im a filipino po good video po yan!
Inday Garutay (2 months ago)
mikey delan bobo
Only the Worst (3 months ago)
No education? Support by switching to geico
Only the Worst (3 months ago)
Metal Bum (3 months ago)
Nice thanks for sharing I’m stacking silver and gold
julius val (4 months ago)
hi there people contact this number on whats app directly as he is a good and cheaper seller from Dubai city 00237677287777
JOKER GAMING (5 months ago)
Naawa ako sa mga hirap na tao sa pilipinas minsan may nakikita akong sangol na gutom na at nasa kalsada nalang sila Wish ko sa pilipinas Sana maging mapayapa ang ating bansa at maging mabuti ang bawat isat isa
BrianStick Gaming (5 months ago)
Peoples are Stupid and ugly dirt poop [reason] Beacause they are risking kids Lives i hate filipinos
WALET GREY (5 months ago)
thank you for this video. ;(
Bloodmoon Berry (5 months ago)
Im a filipino!
Jessie Simeon (6 months ago)
Its bcos we are just poor
Janti Dope (6 months ago)
Saan lugar yan pwedi malaman
If you want to help , please directly give to them don't give to government . So many corruption last administration but now duterte good
junmar Domingo (2 months ago)
Alpha Alfonso (6 months ago)
I am not inviting Young People to WATCH without Parental Guidance;In Positive Outlook,Young People Must be Guided By Someone More Responsible to Understand the DANGER of MINING Procedure,here in the Philippines.We have to be very Careful in Handling this type of Documentary Film,as Educational!
jullia vlogs (7 months ago)
dyuki cyril (7 months ago)
Help the kids in philippines the really need studies and they are hard working students
John Carlo Manoguid (7 months ago)
pilipino ako
Janzxen Blox (3 months ago)
iLove GaMiNg yan yung sign
Raymond Berondo (3 months ago)
Sugar (8 months ago)
what kind of mining is this? dapat ito ang pag tuunan ng pansin talaga....kasi kinukutkot ang lupa kaya pag dating ng typhoon nag lalandslide .........
AntBleus (9 months ago)
kawawa naman sila ;'(
Kram Anthony Tabirara (9 months ago)
beacause the philipine had a masipag on tagalog im a pilipino tool
Rose Ann (9 months ago)
Dapat yan mga gold hindi nilalabas sa bansa natin ...tayo lahat ang nawawalan.Dapat dito lng s pinas ibenta yan! Tayo dapat makinabang ang bansa hindi ibang bansa.Itigil niyo mag benta niyan s blackmarket! Wala na matitira s future filipinos pg patuloy niyo gawin yan!
Paanu super barat ng kapwa natin
Joseph Kendrick (9 months ago)
123spleege (9 months ago)
more bullshit judgments and comments from foreigners that live in another country and have NO idea what life is like in the Philippines. A message to the would be "do-gooders"...Piss OFF.
Taizon mangale (10 months ago)
Sana maayos ng mayor jan ang mga batang nag tatrabaho jan
Joe Andrews (10 months ago)
They are african in the photos lol
AntBleus (9 months ago)
What do you mean? filipino kami di kami african bobo
yan ang pinoy...hahahahha maparaan pero walang pake sa katawan
Jude B. (11 months ago)
Watch out for cringy "proud to be pinoy" comments
VGP_JoshKiller 13 (11 months ago)
Well its poverty i live in the Philippines and i now what they're going through for my prufe i live in manila is the main place in the Philippines andarawi is still in construction
Bardyx16 Omega (1 year ago)
Gold mining is illegal but metal is not And my father is carlo Matilac he is the Vice President of PGMC Search it
Wnka (3 months ago)
Bardyx16 Omega some people say that good is made in a lab? What do u think 🤔
if you stop them working how they can get money??????????????????. So if you stop them make sure you can provide for their needs life is difficult this days.
Original Sigbin (1 year ago)
Mikel live (1 year ago)
Better https://minergate.com/a/fdc7ed81b4eb774e148352ba
Windyl Sison (1 year ago)
I live in philipines kawawa naman kayo
Xhizongaming Hub (1 year ago)
Filipino ako🇨🇿
PADYP Ballers (7 months ago)
Hindi naman Philippines yung flag na yan
i love mining! i want to be rich!
AntBleus (9 months ago)
but it's illegal and the earth will break into half idiot.
Monnalizza Castillo (1 year ago)
supor boos (1 year ago)
Very very dangers in here .work
Sher Khan (1 year ago)
God bless Philippines .... Respect from Pakistan ....
lol Shitmovies (3 months ago)
Thanks 🙏
SeNpAi_ KAii (6 months ago)
Thank u
monster кот (1 year ago)
Really dude
SHARON CHUA (1 year ago)
Good day, Rachel. I am a researcher for the National Museum of the Philippines. We are currently developing its natural history's gallery. May I ask your permission to use part of this video for the education of the public?
Iam living in the philippines so iam a filipina
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Ultimate Gamer (1 year ago)
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DAVID m (1 year ago)
what needs to happen is not to buy the gold from them....let go to thru a black market ...than the price goes up and he people get out of poverty ...than less people will do it ....or let the government give metal detectors to them.
Mehmet Rahim Şimşek (1 year ago)
Regy Gerardo (1 year ago)
Dahil sa Corrupt na pamamhala ng mga pulitikong kurakot madaming naghihirap
J Merritt (1 year ago)
no dam way I am going down in a flooded shaft with an air hose, brave kids.
Revontheus Rain (1 year ago)
Give them food or money and then they will stop
rodolfo de los reyes (1 year ago)
Philippines land of Gold, king Solomon Gold come from Philippines,
#PEACEOFMIND POM (1 year ago)
they are gold miners but still poor.. how?
Jan Marvy Cose (9 months ago)
My country should consider going back to gold standard. Precolonial Filipinos had it back then, they traded gold for stuff. They were the finest goldsmiths. US dollar is enslaving a gold producing country like us..
Jan Marvy Cose (9 months ago)
The gold they've mined is sold cheap in the black market and smuggled elsewhere e.g. Hongkong. https://www.manilatimes.net/79-gold-mined-ph-smuggled-hk-4-2b-p200b-2005-2015/313552/
jay solano (11 months ago)
I once worked like that in Philippines low tech quarry. It's so hard to live that you wish to die instead, but for the sake of your love once I work so hard for them. The Gold price is so low that it can consume only for 5 days. I always thought that western people or privilege people is so lucky that they never work like this job and most people complain about their salary which is 1/4 of minimum wage to us.
#PEACEOFMIND POM (1 year ago)
But gold is more expensive than your dollar. This poor people are manipulated of this businessman.
HahAHahA (1 year ago)
Melo Rock dollars is expensive than pesos P50 = $1
Carl Games (1 year ago)
1:18 is not philippines ... its from Africa
Stabil (5 months ago)
Carl's right. That picture is from Africa. I wounder why they had to add it. My guess is has something to do with the sad child in the picture and adding to the sadness in the viewers eyes of the situation of the Fiipino people. With other words manipulation. Personally I think the Filipinos are a very friendly people with warm hearts.
HahAHahA (1 year ago)
Carl Games lol we know our language
AB Asan (1 year ago)
most of the phillipian people were suffering but some were living happily
Cocaine flame (1 year ago)
AB Asan How is Manny doing?
Zen AQW (1 year ago)
pinoy ako
Princess-Pastely (1 year ago)
I'm from Philippines
Oppa ko sha (1 year ago)
give me one gold bar
Borna HorvaTh (1 year ago)
They won't get rich by searching gold,it would be better for them if they would farm animals and be fishing,it pays more in long term then searching for gold,which will never bring them prosperity! As I know,there is no winter in Phillipines,so it's more easier to produce food and take care of livestock then like it is in North Europe,where it is freezing below zero!! *God bless Europe and Phillipines!*
Krishna Majumdar (1 year ago)
govt shud put efforts to make mining through machines not by humans...this is very dangerous .look at the face of small children ..they're even below 7yrs also..that's shame .. #phillipines_govt
marie briones (1 year ago)
we export gold (consider as top 5) but poor families cant even own or buy gold; time to close the mining industry in ph; let the foreign markets salivate and mine somewhere else. ms lopez is right. we're not going anywhere in mining industry. our lives.. our economy is still the same.
Jamie Plays (1 year ago)
Jamie Plays (1 year ago)
I feel sad f9r that kid D:
Jamie Plays (1 year ago)
Boya Veera (1 year ago)
Ralph jayton Galvez (1 year ago)
filipino ako
Bloodmoon Berry (5 months ago)
Ako rin!!!!!!!!!
the robin Lego 1011 (8 months ago)
ako den
Kirk German (10 months ago)
Can you help me to get some cheap goal
Kirk German (10 months ago)
Ralph jayton Galvez hi
Genesis Keith (1 year ago)
Too bad that these kids needs to go through all of this to dig some gold. http://geomative.com/index.html They are devoted for this kind of research
Lucid Enterprise (1 year ago)
Children likes to go to school sadly some parents has this mindset "walang nagiging mayaman sa pag-aaral" like our neighbor, kaya ngayon sila nagpapadamihan ng anak. Tsk.
renz apdian (1 year ago)
•i am Abeni• (1 year ago)
Who live s in the philipines i live their
R S (1 year ago)
they know its too dangerous but they have family to feed
Kent Gokotano (1 year ago)
Help the philliphines
Sir N (1 year ago)
Sad world. It's too bad the government is not stopping these practices.
ses S (1 year ago)
In the US kids are given a PlayStation and a bag of McDonald's. They are usually diabetic and dead by 14.
Erz playz (1 year ago)
Where is that
Lakshman Sueam (1 year ago)
Jek Ramos (2 years ago)
philippine government is not good..
Joel Manliguis (1 year ago)
Jek Ramos salot kase tong mga dilawan, ang alam lng nila kumita ng pera para sa kanila, wala silang pagmmahal sa bayan
Hey.dont insult our country
juanita galenzoga (1 year ago)
Jek Ramos fuck you for saying that word
Cocaine flame (1 year ago)
Where is Manny Pacquiao
5567 5555 (1 year ago)
And so is you're grammar.
Amreen Gadi (2 years ago)
bad to see the children working so hard, in minning instead of studies.
Packo_ Hubu (6 months ago)
They still schooling
فهد شنكالي (1 year ago)
JuzToComment - (1 year ago)
that called working student..
Princess-Pastely (1 year ago)
They need to help their family so they work
jrregan (2 years ago)
Nothing like an 'objective' documentary w/ a soundtrack. Where can I buy the OST?
Louie Esteban (2 years ago)
gusto ko bumili ng gold. pm me. 09176171167
Lynn 88 (2 years ago)
Chinese ang amo nila at mag utos sa kanila na yan. chinese animal
Lynn 88 yah tama ka dyan pati Philipines sea
jay12 jay (2 years ago)
help US.
Zul Hafiz (2 years ago)
i cried when that kid said he missed school and friends
Princess-Pastely (1 year ago)
Zul Hafiz lol I hate school so much 😂
Pentasuglia Denalin (2 years ago)
ako rin noon,bit bit ko isang sakong balitok at isang bag,mula kalinga province hanggang pangasin,para lang sana ilagay sa olongapo,ngunit hindi ako pinalad sa mga bit bit kung balitok dahil ito'y"BATO" lang pala...
Igorot Channel (2 years ago)
hehe ania meten
Pentasuglia Denalin (2 years ago)
yes,its true!..its so very hard that kind of situation to finding a gold...
Hakim Videos (2 years ago)
Respect that lifestyle in Philippines.. Peace from Malaysia. Hate lifestyle in Malaysia that lead by Cruel Government!!
Kent Robison (1 month ago)
What bad things does your government do?.
golondriz3 (2 years ago)
I can't bear to look at this. So sad :-(
WE ARE ASIA HIGLIGHTS (6 months ago)
leo deiparine (2 years ago)
Does Gina Lopez even watch this documentary films to understand how dangerous the illegal small - scale mining and it is the one that destroy the environment, not the responsible mining operations.
leo deiparine (2 years ago)
I know the facts because I have seen it, what I am saying is that she should have close / shut down these illegal small - scale mining activities and have shown the results of the audit teams publicly. Actually, she did not follow the recomendation of the audit teams, as said from my friends at MGB. She does not even know what is a watershed. If she really want to be a good DENR sectretary there should be no vias. Small - scale not only damage our environment but also the children living around it. Have you been on areas where there are illegal small - scale mining activities?
augustusmd (2 years ago)
leo deiparine hey, this type of mining has been around for ages.. long long before her reign. i hope you do a little research on how far gina lopez had gone in regulating mining in the philippines.. and compare it with the past secretaries. i just can't understand why now that we have a serious secretary who is making things happen and yet still there are people who talks like shit. if we wanna move on, please, let's stop all this mentality. don't cry foul unless you know all the facts..
Medabo Germania (2 years ago)
Carlos Carlin (2 years ago)
el mercurio. te daña el cerebro. con los años lo sufrirán
Dexter Delmundo (2 years ago)
ung tipo n hnd k nila papatayin pero wla kng mahahati s nhukay nio

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