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Google Earth for Prospecting - 5 Minute Tutorial
A brief introduction to overlays - topo maps, land ownership, mines, geologic maps, etc, and WMS image overlays, a prerequisite for future tutorial videos on digital prospecting/research, and necessary tools to have for any serious prospector. If you aren't already using Google Earth and map overlays, you are missing finds and making your job a whole lot harder than it should be.
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I find a new nugget patch while gold detecting, a handful of klunker 1/2 oz to 3/4 oz nuggets, and pull up almost 3.5 ounces of gold in 3 days. Detector is a GPZ 7000 Thanks for watching everyone!
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Metal Detecting 6 Nice Gold Nuggets all in a Line
Exploration beats hitting old patches - detecting for gold in Central Arizona and finding a little patch of gold in a line down the wash. GPZ 7000 is the detector I am using.
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Large Gold Specimen Ends My Detecting Season
Missed the dig but gotta show this awesome specimen nugget. Also a bit on future plans.
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Nevada Nugget hunting - Gold Detecting and Prospecting
Metal detecting for gold nuggets in Nevada. Found 3 gold nuggets. No it isn't Rye Patch. Using a Minelab GPX 4500
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Digging a bunch of gold nuggets, saying goodbye to the desert. Metal Detecting Gold GPZ 7000
Going through unpublished footage, here are a bunch more nuggets I metal detected. Detecting for gold now is purely a part-time, it was a great adventure for 5 years, and I plan on doing it again sometime. A lot more videos to come still, just not with as much of a focus specifically on gold. Stick around. Metal detector is a GPZ 7000 Song is Freedom by Anno (Megatone)
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Dirty Secrets of Gold Detecting
Avoiding the same old-same old, sharing a few detecting observations that you don't always read about on the forums. Maybe some help for the new detectorists out there. For those starting out I think the least biased and most comprehensive review of gold detectors is Steve Herschbach's guide here (I'm not related to this in any way): http://www.detectorprospector.com/gold-prospecting-guides/steve-guide-gold-nugget-detectors.htm
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Base upgrades, gold nuggets, new mining claim
I add a Whirleybird vent and elastomeric coating to my Conex roof, add water tanks, find some nice gold nuggets metal detecting, and stake a new claim with the help of another detectorist's great discovery. Music is: First song - Snow Lake by Unknown Second song - Desert Gold by Jon M https://soundcloud.com/bnrsound
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DIY Impact Mill/Rock Crusher - Crush Anything (Gold Ore, Circuit Boards, etc)
I built an impact mill that will crush a 4" rock into powder in under 1 second. This rock crusher is also known as a chain or a flail mill. I also run some aluminum cans and a circuit board through it. Here is the forum thread I based my design off of: http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/hard-rock-mining/397851-gg-s-chain-flail-impact-mill.html
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Acquiring land, building a base, finding gold
Just some things I've been up to. Buying land to build and mine gold on, putting in a shipping container, finding a few gold nuggets with my metal detector.
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HUGE Gold Nugget Found in Solid Bedrock - Metal Detecting For Gold
This nugget took over an hour to dig and chisel out. It was 10" deep in caliche. Caliche is a cemented conglomerate sort of rock very common in the desert SW. Metal detecting for gold in the SW with my GPZ 7000.
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Testing GPZ 7000 Settings on Undug 1/3 Ounce Gold Nugget
Metal detecting a 10 gram nugget and testing the GPZ 7000 modes out on it while in the ground.
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How to Find BIG Gold Nuggets - Pyrites, Vugs, and Crystal Indicators
Indicators I look for when metal detecting for big gold nuggets and why I think they are associated with each other. Sherlock your way to bigger and better gold! How to find gold. How to prospect for gold.
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Metal Detecting for Meteorites in Gold Basin, Arizona
Harvesting space rocks from the ground with my detector. Over the years I've collected about 15 or 20 pounds of these. Need help finding a meteorite in Gold Basin? Looking for a guided trip? Email me at [email protected] for rates. I am usually here from Nov-April.
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Mining a Giant Pocket of Black Tourmaline Crystals
I found a nice pocket with a couple vugs of black tourmaline (schorl). This is part 1, I've extracted about 40lbs worth of specimen quality material so far. Part 2 will follow as weather permits revisiting the mine site.
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Can the GPZ 7000 Produce More Gold From Dead Patches?
Metal detecting in Gold Basin, Arizona for gold nuggets. Can the 7000 live up to the hype and "reopen" the goldfields for me? Exactly how much gold did I leave behind? I visit some of my old patches that I've flogged and left for dead to find out.
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Metal Detecting Gold Nuggets GPZ 7000 - Equipment Anger Ensues
Metal detecting for gold with the GPZ 7000. Skimming easy gold nuggets from the surface in a new area including two 1/4 ounce nuggets. The Nokta pinpointer continues to be an annoyance and drives me to anger and drinking. Meanwhile I make enough noise to wake the dead while being an idiot and trying to film a 1 grammer too close to the coil. All in all another great day, much gold was found, much poke was filled, much food and gas were paid for. Please like, share, subscribe! Thanks for your support. Anyone looking to buy gold (1+ oz lots) please contact me at [email protected] You can own the nuggets found in my videos and support small scale mining and the making of more videos!
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Tourmaline Crystal Bounty Cleaned Up, Future Mining Plans
I clean up and present the black tourmaline crystals, specimens, and big crystal cluster that I extracted last week. Briefly discuss selling and future mining plans.
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3/4 ounce gold nugget, 9 total! Arizona Gold Metal Detecting
Awesome day of hunting gold nuggets and metal detecting in Arizona. Got to love days like this. The mountain smiled kindly on me today. Using the GPZ 7000 for these.
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Metal Detecting a 3 gram gold nugget in Arizona
Nothing fancy, just a short clip of a 3 gram nugget coming out of the hole. I normally grab for the target the second I see the glint of gold, but this time I held back and finally got a nugget on video. I obviously over estimated the weight in my initial excitement. :)
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Can you metal detect paper money? It's magnetic!
Testing to see if paper money (US currency) is magnetic and if a metal detector can detect it. Also a little surprise with a passport. Metal detector is a Gold Bug 2. Initial discussion was at the Detector Prospector forum.
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Rock/Mineral ID Contest - & I Find a Small Treasure
CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED as of 12PM 11/26/2016 - WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN UPCOMING VIDEO! No correct guesses were received so winner will be drawn randomly from commenters. Guess a rock or mineral, win a rock or mineral! Prospecting research is like a vacation - sometimes it isn't the destination but the journey there that counts! Trying to ID rocks/minerals is a good way to teach yourself about other parts of geology that are useful in the field. Sorry I haven't replied to comments lately, just got out of my hand cast and it's been crazy busy. Trying something new here with a contest that is hopefully also serves as a way to learn. The prize isn't crazy valuable, but it does have value and the location is not common and it is worth something, a hard to get type piece for anyone starting to collect or learn about rocks and minerals.
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Green Gold 2: Prospecting for Black Jade & Green Quartz
I start out prospecting for placer jade but get thwarted by angry flying red ant hoards. I discover some aventurine quartz (I think) along the way and I go on the hunt for an old black jade mine I found on Google Earth. Jade prospecting in Wyoming. I filmed in 60fps to reduce camera jumpiness but I can't figure out how to get it to render correctly yet, so I apologize in advance for the jitter and my crappy filming, working on it.
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Metal Detecting and Drywashing in Quartzsite, Arizona
Found a little half grammer on bedrock with the detector. A quick peek at a drift mine from the 1880's. Sampling gravel with my drywasher where I found the nugget.
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Gold Dredging and Gold Smelting in the Colorado High Rockies
A trip to the CGC claims with friends to do some Colorado gold prospecting and dredging at 10,000ft in the high Rockies. Onsite, Dash demonstrated his mercury retort which he sells and simple gold smelting with an acetylene torch. We had all sorts of dredges running up there, I didn't get everything on video. My 3" Proline, a 3" Keene combo, a 3" "frankendredge", a 2.5" Dahlke Micro, a 2.5" Proline Combo, another 3" Keene combo with the big boy long tom, and a 2.5" Keene. Lots of fun! Much gold was found and there was ice on the pans most mornings in August followed by snow later on.
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Jade Mining: The Next Gold Rush? Contest Winner
Rough jade is one of the most valuable minerals on Earth. Have you walked right over it? I show some Wyoming nephrite jade that I've found, talk about an upcoming jade mining project, and discuss the mineralogy that can lead to you finding your own jade deposits. There has been a "green gold" rush going on but few know about it. Learn how to identify jade, how to find jade, and how to become a better prospector or rock hunter. Rock hounding, rock collecting, and mining
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Don't Walk Behind Your Shadow (warning: a dead antelope)
Death and danger on the high plains. Nature is not human hearted. -Lao Tzu
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Green Gold 5 - Overdue updates, ID's, a mining company visit
A chat about a potential mini rush I may have caused, winter mining activity on and around the claim, thin sections and ID's, chrysoprase, and anything else related to my Green Gold videos and nephrite jade over this winter. Thin section slides were prepared by Geosec, visit them at www.geosec.biz
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Gold Dredging Colorado - 1/2 Oz Challenge Pt. 2
http://www.usminer.com Part two of my 7 day Colorado gold dredging trip where I am attempting to get 1/2 oz of gold. Complete gold weigh out at the end. Music by Jalan Crossland. http://www.jalancrossland.com/
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Green Gold 3: Jade Pseudomorphs
A day prospecting for jade, pondering geologic mysteries, revisiting an old site with a fresh view, and talking about some nephrite pseudomorphs I found.
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Green Gold 4: Paydirt! Staking a nephrite jade claim.
I finally found some halfway decent nephrite jade and I've been spending a lot of time at my new claim, sampling and testing different jade veins and pods. I'm working up mining plans and permits now. Come along on a quick tour and take a look at some samples. I'm not sure there is much in situ hardrock left in Wyoming better than this anymore now though, this may be "as good as it gets" aside from the handful of claims that still exist from the 1960's. Hopefully I'm wrong...
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Nuggetfinder Evolution 17x13 Coil vs GPZ 7000 vs 17x11 Mono Depth Sensitivity Comparison
Testing the new generation Nuggetfinder Evolution coil out running on my GPX 4500 and comparing it to the Minelab GPZ 7000 and Nuggetfinder 17x11 coil on gold nuggets. Depth and sensitivity tests. GPZ 7000 vs GPX 5000 4500
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Metal Detectives 2: Rusty Wire Rolls Indicate Gold?
Solving the mystery of the preponderances of small rusty wire rolls in washes we detect while looking for gold nuggets. Paying attention to our surroundings and trash can often lead to useful information and increase our take of gold. Also check out my video on dating tin cans. Good luck out there and always keep your eyes open!
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Metal Detecting a Gold Nugget Patch with my GPX 4500
3 nuggets out of a (thus-far) 10 nugget patch. Got 2 of my biggest today. Life is good, going back tomorrow for some more nuggetshooting. :) Sorry about the poor camera work on this one, just using my cell phone.
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Metal Detectives 1: Tin Can Dating
If you know when a certain occupation occured in an area of interest, it is useful to track people from that time period by looking closely at tin cans which leave important clues about dates. A big part of gold prospecting is historic research and this technique is one of many which allows a prospector to associate finds in the fields to the research they do at home. Relic hunters or amateur archaeologists may also find it useful to have a basic understanding of the dates in which many common cans were first introduced.
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Gold Dredging Colorado - The 1/2 Ounce Challenge Pt. 1
I set forth a personal challenge of acquiring a 1/2 Oz of gold using my 3" Proline dredge in 7 days. This video is a quick tour of days 1 to 3 with a weigh out at the end. Music is by Whatever? from my old punk rock days, I don't own it and they don't appear to exist anymore.
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Gold dredging on bedrock
http://www.usminer.com Dredging loose pack on bedrock for flood gold, following the paystreak. Just a short clip, wanted to take advantage of the water visibility. Gotta love it when you can see the gold laying there on the bottom! Same dredge, 3" Proline. Running Gold Hog UR matting under expanded metal in the lower part of the box now, completely riffleless in my sluice now.
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Flippin' Treasure: Found and Opened a Lost Safe!
I bought a flip house and found a locked safe in the garage. It jingles when we pick it up so the mission is to get it open and see if there is any treasure inside! Update (from below in comments): I found the owners, returned the jewelry and documents. It was a fairly unremarkable transaction - the woman sent her husband to meet me and pick everything up. He grumbled a quick "thanks" and grabbed everything and took off. Wasn't much of a story to tell unfortunately, but I'm glad they got it all back anyways.
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Gold dredging in Western Colorado
http://www.usminer.com Sampling a new spot on private land using a 3" dredge. You may recognize one of the peaks at the end, it's the logo for a popular American beer and no it's not near Denver as most would suspect. ;)
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How to Make a Gold Coin (Or Anything) Using Cuttlebone Casting
Changing up from gold prospecting to have a look at one method of turning our gold into something fun or useful - here is a cheap and easy way to cast simple objects in gold using an ancient technique called cuttlebone casting. This is not a good technique for precision pieces, or coins (obviously dies work better for those) but in the end it does make a nice historic looking custom Doubloon or Medieval coin. I think this technique would work great to make something like an old Viking-style pendant. The torch I used is an oxygen/mapp gas brazing torch. It burns hotter than a standalone mapp gas torch. It took way to long to melt the two large buttons with a standard torch so for larger projects I would suggest the oxygen. Please like, subscribe, or comment if you find my videos interesting or entertaining!
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The Most METAL Mining Vid Ever (I warned you!)
A couple friends make a contribution to the channel with an intro vid. Jon's jams - https://soundcloud.com/bnrsound
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